Young Women, Wives, & Mothers

1. Don't let the world press you into its mold! (Romans 12:2) Resist society's pressure to conform to its standard. The world is 'passing away' but God's Kingdom is eternal.

The Media's Distortion of Beauty

2. Do Not Date or Marry an Unbeliever. Please Read

3. Mothers, Love your children’s father! Respect him and encourage him to be the husband and father God intended. There is no better way to teach your children to respect and love their father! Support him with your prayers and with your love. Be the woman that your husband will want to love and serve, and the mother that your children will want to obey … kind, Godly and wise. Be faithful to your family and provide for their needs and you will not only be praised, but be READY for the King’s appearing!

4. Desire to be Holy for God! A virtuous woman is a beautiful woman in God's eyes.