Young Men, Husbands & Fathers

1. Be a Godly Man! God created us 'male and female'. Study God's Word to discover His qualities for the Godly man!

2. Love Your Children’s Mother! There is no better way to communicate your love for your children than by loving their mother! Serve her, protect her and provide for her. Be faithful to her and to your family. It is so easy to love our jobs, our hobbies, our ambitions, others ... even ourselves above our wives and families. We must resist that temptation, for the family is God’s primary place where Faith in Him is nurtured! Your children need to see your Faith in God, and your Love for Him above all else, for ...

... "Christianity is caught … not taught!"

Be on fire for God and infected with His Love so that it spreads to every member of your household! That’s the kind of fathers we need today to turn back the tide of immorality and ungodliness. Commit yourself to be that Manthat father … who loves his family as God intends, and who encourages his children to be and do all that God desires for them!

Then you will be READY when the King comes!