Church Members

1. Win the World to Christ! The Church is a living entity … the Body of Christ! And the head of the Body is Jesus Christ who expects every member to be involved in bringing others to Christ and building them up in Christ! Those are His marching orders to us and they have not been rescinded! Only if every member takes an active part will we ever be able to fulfill our Lord’s final command for us to …


go and make disciples of all nations!”

Matthew 28:19a NIV


     If you are not involved in sharing Christ with others … in helping Christians grow in their faith … in multiplying your life through othersthen become involved! I promise you that when you get to Heaven and look back on your life, you will realize there was nothing more important, fulfilling,or impactful than loving people and helping to disciple them for Christ!

2.Reject the World for Christ! The Gallup Poll revealed that ‘never before in America had the Gospel of Christ made such inroads while at the same time making so little difference in the way people lived.’ The biggest criticism leveled at Christians is that they are hypocrites … claiming to love Jesus but still loving the things of the world, and living lives that cannot be distinguished from those of non-Christians. Don’t just ‘talk the talk’, but ‘walk the walk’! If you are not going to ‘walk the walk’, then don’t ‘talk the talk’ and bring shame to the Name of our Lord!

3.Make Sure You Belong to Christ! View the video below.