Has the Ark of the Covenant Been Found?

Many key prophecies concerning Christ's return have aiready been fulfilled ... such as the re-emergence of Israel as a Nation, natural calamities crescendoing around the globe (especially the frequency and intensities of earthquakes), the formation of surrounding nations antagonistic to Israel's existence, etc. But one key event has yet to occur, and that is the rebuilding of a third Temple on the Temple Mount. I have found the following videos interesting in regard to this event.

Plans to Rebuild the Temple

Creationist Kent Hovind recounts the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant by real life Indiana Jones, Ron Wyatt. I would not normally give much credence to a testimony such as this, but I have met Mr. Hovind in person and have found him to be credible, though a bit tongue in cheek sometimes. You make up your own mind.

Ron Wyatt (1933-1999), part time Bible adventurer/explorer and nurse anaesthetist, shares his discovery and its significance in his own words in the following video. You decide whether he is telling the truth or a hoax. I personally believe him because it is too amazing to be fabricated, especially the section on Christ's blood. It has God's finger prints on it. You decide!

For More on the Discovery by Ron Wyatt