The Warning

.....It is interesting and noteworthy that Jesus’ first response to His disciples’ questions is a warning. A warning to not be misled by false messiahs, prophets or teachers. That was upper most in His mind. The warning is as relevant when it was first spoken as it is today, speaking to us through the written text. It is a warning to beware of masquerading messiahs who pretend to know the truth but lead their followers over the precipice of deception. There have been many through the ages, and many still who recruit the naive and ignorant.

.....It is also a warning to beware of alluring messages that tickle our ears such as “The time is near.’ (Luke 21:8), a message that would have misled the first century Christians regarding Christ’s return. Even two thousand years later, we have no guarantee that any of us will live to see that glorious day, although it is hard to imagine this world lasting much longer without the intervention of Christ’s rule. ‘Come Lord Jesus. Come quickly!’ less we destroy ourselves, for You alone can bring everlasting peace and justice to an ever increasingly dangerous and evil world!

.....We do not need a bewitching man or woman to tell us when Christ will return for He has revealed it in this Discourse. The Truth is present there and all we need do is to read and study it with an honest and pure heart.