Jesus’ second warning against being misled, appearing only in Matthew’s account, emphasizes the need for a solid Biblical foundation in God’s Truth. Unless we have planted our feet firmly on the Bible, God’s infallible testimony, we will soon find them ‘firmly planted in mid air’ leaving us vulnerable to every whim and fancy tale told by false teachers, whom satan will raise up to deceive even the elect.

But lies will not be the only thing to guard against. Jesus foretells a time of lawlessness that will numb the love of people toward with one another. There will come a time, which may be upon us right now, when people will disregard rules and laws, and do what is right ‘in their own eyes’. And I am sure Christ was not referring only to the reckless drivers who enrage others with their selfish maneuvers. He may very well have been thinking of the scourge of
‘terrorists’ who have demonstrated an utter disregard for human lilfe, indiscriminantly killing bystanders, be they women on a shopping trip or children at play. Each attack amplifies the fears and anger of people everywhere, hardening hearts, polarizing the world’s nations and setting up a final conflict foretold by the prophets of old.

But Jesus blunts the dark prophecies by encouraging us to presevere, for ‘the one who endures to the end, he will be saved’. By this, He is encouraging us to not give up the faith, no matter the trial or pain. For, those who keep the faith will not be disappointed. Those who are killed for their faith will be ushered immediately into God's presence, while those who survive the persecution will see their salvation coming in the clouds with power! Either way, the one who endures and does not fall away will be saved! Either way,
we win!