The Introduction

.....The first verse of the Discourse serves as the basis for Jesus’ quick admonition and subsequent explanation of future events that will alter destinies and fortunes. Current models of the Herodian Temple, from which the Lord and His disciples had just emerged, justify the pride that was generated in the disciples. The surviving retaining wall (the Western Wall) adjacent to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem today gives us a picture of how the Temple might have appeared. The gigantic stone blocks of the Wall, hewn and fitted perfectly, would have opened the eyes of anyone raised in the more rural Gallilean province. The Temple Sanctuary must have been a thing of indescribable beauty with its ornamental stone and gold adornment. In the bright light of day, the Sanctuary, with its surrounding Courts and Colonnade, must have been a thing to behold, far surpassing in splendor even the magnificent Dome of the Rock shrine that sits in its place today.

.....You could almost excuse the disciples’ wonderment as they gazed upward at this massive structure that exuded power and permanence. You could, but Jesus didn’t. With an imagined quick dismissive wave of His hand, He derisively pronounces the Temple’s destruction as good as done, even specifying how it will be completely dismantled. After all, in the aftermath of His ultimate and imminent sacrifice for Mankind’s sins, the Temple’s usefulness will have been expended and its continued presence would only serve to prolong an unnecessary ritual. Its destruction would also display God’s displeasure as His chosen people reject His final prophet and Only Begotten Son!

.....In 70AD, after years of a blockade initiated by his father, the Roman General Titus led his army up an embankment built against the northern wall of Jerusalem and ransacked the Temple Mount. In their pent up anger, the soldiers set the magnificent structure ablaze, and in the ensuing conflagration, the gold adornment melted and seeped into the cracks between the huge stones. Inflamed by their greed, they torn the Temple apart, stone by stone, in order to recover the escaping treasure. Thus was fulfilled the very words of Christ and too, was presented to us a posit of credibility that substantiates His subsequent prophecies yet to be fulfilled.