Great Tribulation

In the wake of the Abomination of Desolation will come a time of trouble so intense that Jesus labels it a 'great tribulation'. He declares, that in comparison to this time, there has never been one such as that, nor will there ever be. In fact, He says that only the shortness of 'those days' will prevent everyone from being destroyed. His words reflect those of the prophet Daniel who also prophesied just such a period of distress. But Daniel, as does our Lord, seems to indicates that the 'elect', whose names are written in the 'book', will be spared. (Daniel 12:1)

The words of this prophecy will challenge our commitment to adhere to the plain meaning of the text, for if they are true, then Christians who are still alive during that time will witness the full fury of God against a rebellious world. Contrary to what many today believe, Jesus is teaching that Believers will be there when the worst events described in the book of Revelation come to pass, because they are the only kinds of 'tribulation' that merit the superlatives used by Jesus. We must be willing to admit that the unimaginable horrors of the Trumpet and Bowl judgments are the kind of events that 'has not occurred since the beginning of the world ... nor ever will'. They fit the description, and must have been what Jesus had in mind here.

So how will Christians 'survive' such a time of unthinkable destruction? God preserved His chosen people when He poured out the plagues on Egypt. He covered His people under His 'wings' and allowed them to only see the reward of the wicked. Daniel has said that God will 'preserve' His chosen, a truth reinforced by Jesus when He declared that those days will be 'cut short' for the sake of the 'elect'. Though we will have to endure the persecution and tribulation from those who hate the Name of Christ (including being imprisoned and killed for our faith), God will keep us from His Wrath that will be poured out on them!