The Days of Noah

In this passage, Jesus unlocked the hidden meanings that enables us to understand some of what He has just said, as well as what He is about to say. He did this by linking His future return to the next most relevant event in earth's history, Noah and the Flood. God's judgment, through that universal deluge, gives us a hint as to what will take place at Christ's second coming when He returns as Judge and King.

The key verse in this passage is 37, and the key phrase is the phrase 'will be just like'. They open the way to understanding who will know about the coming Judgment and who will not; who will be saved and who will not; and how we might know when it may occur and when it may not.

We learn from the 'days of Noah' that those who will know about the coming judgment will be those who believe God's Word. Noah was told by God to prepare for the coming Flood 100 years before it came. At that time, no one had ever seen a flood for it had never rained. The vision of a rainbow was unseen until after the waters above came down. Noah had to accept God's Word by Faith expressed in obedience, through which he was declared righteous by God (Hebrews 11:7).

For a century, Noah's words (2 Peter 2:5) and works (Hebrews 11:7) proclaimed the coming Flood and condemned the world for its wickedness. The determining factor that separated those who were saved and those who weren't was their response to God's Word. Those who did prepared themselves for the coming judgment. Those who didn't lived as though it would never come, even until the very day they were swept away.

But do the 'days of Noah' give us any clues as to the timing of Christ's return? I believe they do! Previously, Jesus declared that 'no one', including Jesus, knows the day and hour of His coming except the Father. But the question is, did He mean we would never know? God revealed the first advent of Christ through Daniel's Seventy Weeks prophecy for those who searched His Word. Is it possible that He will reveal Christ's second advent? The experience of Noah hints at that possibility.

Initially, and for one hundred years since receiving the Word that God's Judgment was coming, Noah was completely ignorant as to the day of that catastrophic event. However, seven days before that day of Judgment, God revealed it's time to Noah. Some erroneously believe that Noah and his family entered the Ark on that first day and waited inside for seven days for the impending doom, causing some to use this as an illustration of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. But a careful examination of Genesis reveals that Noah actually used those seven days to gather the animals and entered the Ark with his family on the very day the Flood arrived and covered the earth.

In a way, we are in that initial period, knowing that God's Judgment is coming, but not certain when. But God may have given us a final countdown, not of seven days as with Noah, but of seven years. Daniel revealed the event that will start those final years ... the establishing of a covenant between His people and the Antichrist. Then God's countdown begins, and we will have only seven more years to gather His elect into His Kingdom through Jesus, the Door. We may not know the day now, but like Noah, we may when that final 'week' begins!